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Pre-view Orientation Trip (Skopje)

Hello All,

My company are planning to transfer me from our Dubai office to our office here in Skopje. I arrived this morning for an orientation tour and of course it's very different - but not so different from Budapest where I was based for 7 years.

I hope you guys can offer some guidance re schools. I have 2 daughters, 5 and 8, who are currently at a British curriculum school but not sure if there are any here so any pointers / thoughts as to the best options would be most welcome.

Accomodation-wise, not knowing a great deal about where's good to live or being able to find much on the net, we'd appreciate a steer in the right direction with this as well. I guess we're looking for a Protected content flat / house. Ideally, we're looking for an area popular with expats / international community as we think that makes for an easier transition. Any suggestions welcome.

A bit of a delicate point here, but my wife is a little concerned about the local diversity. We have an interracial marriage, I'm a Brit of Jamaican descent, while she's Hungarian, so our kids are mixed and she was wondering if they might face any problems??

What are the sporting possibilities here? My girls are crazy about gymnastics and keen to continue here, while my wife is really into Yoga. Are there some good options for these? Long shot for myself, but is rugby union played out here?

So many more questions but those were the important ones - for now.

I am here until Friday morning and if anyone has the time to meet to share their experience, what to expect and do's / don'ts, I'd really appreciate the opportunity to talk.

Thanks in advance,


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