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A unique opportunity for art collectors (Sofia)

AquabitArt gallery Berlin is pleased to present the personified dog sculptures "THE DOG’S NOTES" by Taiwanese artist Poren Huang.

In Protected content , Poren Huang launched "The Dog's Notes" metal sculpture series. It has had about 40 pieces of work up to now, created in bronze, gold leaf and stainless steel.

He uses the dog as a creative starting point and each piece of work is suggestive of the human. By linking dogs to humans, Poren Huang invites the viewers to reflect and think of themselves.

A few pieces are very man-like which directly convey his attempt of using dogs to signify humans. But, because people’s lives in modern times are often gloomy and depressed, Poren Huang uses a humorous style to make the sculptures amuse viewers on a first side. Viewers, as a result, actively and repeatedly interact with the works. Through this continuous process, the viewers are enlightened to comprehensive life philosophies, they are conveyed to positive traits such as courage, loyalty, innocence or self-confidence.

Representative for the Balkan area:
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