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Al Ferasa – The Ancient Art of Face Reading (Sofia)

Every day we meet people, we look at their faces and emit judges. We see a face that we find beautiful or not, a face that maybe reminds us of something or a face that we find familiar. We read faces every day, since we are little, without even knowing it. Ferasa means to look deeply at something and fathom its meaning. Thousands of daily muscles movement creates a feature. Every feature shows something about a human personality. To put together the pieces of this human face puzzle and to be able to come up with a conclusion about a human personality is an art. So Ferasa is both a science and an art.
We plan to organise a seminar in Sofia, to meet and talk about this amazing experience.
If you are interested please let me know and we will organise a seminar in Sofia!
You can also send me an email at : Protected content
Thank you!


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