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Avoid Tokuda Hospital! (Sofia)

I have a very bad experience with Tokuda Hospital - in short I had two moles removed for histology some weeks back and now it turns out that they have discarded of the tissue without making any checks, histology or anything. In other words, I had an operation, but have no idea whether what was removed was benign or malignant...... The responsible professor - Mr. Tsankov - is now making a major cover-up to save his own skin, incl. lying big time about what has been told to me, what was the indication beforehand and whether I was asked if I wanted histology or not, incl. also producing documents in Bulgarian, which are retrospectively describing his version of the story - and demand that I sign them on the spot without translation......
Avoid Prof. Tsankov, the Dermatology Department in Tokuda Hospital and their nasty business - the best advice is to go abroad to get health procedures, even something as simple as removal of moles. Unfortunately.

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