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Investment Opportunity (Sofia)


I have started a new business here in Bulgaria importing and selling Ayurvedic Herbal cosmetics from India. These products include, shampoos, creams, massage oils, face masks, soaps, scrubs etc.

The products are all without chemicals or parabens including chemical lathering agents. This will reflect the philosophy of the company which will strive to be, as far as possible, and in every moment, improving, our commitment to being environmentally responsible, ethically and socially responsible.

I plan for this company to be one of the leaders in Bulgaria to herald the new age of business where we are concerned with the wide range effects of what we are selling not only focused on the price/profit..we can have both you know!

I want to work with a spirit of co-operation and form strong bonds with like minded companies and together we may grow strong. I will be operating the company based on these ethical and holisitc principles. Now is the time to make the change and this does not mean it will be without profit. Quite the opposite in fact. Everyday more people are yearning for honesty from companies and suppliers, we will give the customer what the want, and actually be honest about it. At the same time using this as a platform for spreading knowledge so customers are able to make more informed choices and not feel trapped or beguiled in anyway.

This will be a multi-platform marketed business as my products have relevance in all stores, tourist centers (because you can stand under a beautiful bulgarian waterfall and wash your hair without putting chemicals in the stream!!) and spa and hotels. I also will have a commitment to share a % of the profits back to bulgaria, i believe in balance and i believe this creates even more growth. The % of these profits (which will grow as the business grows) will be to support environmental and sustainable projects in bulgaria, diversity and protecting of wild land, animal and human welfare and alternative education. I will create a forum for all peoples. especially our customers so everyone can be involved in this process and we can share our ideas and work together for the betterment of all.

I believe economy can be positive, we must start to make this transition into honest business practices that are sustainable for the long term future of the business, and the planet itself. We all know the situation we are in and NOW is the time for this change. It will work.

I have received some small investment to this point and I am looking for any interested individual investors or corporate parties to really get my business flying. The products are here now I Sofia i am needing investment to move forward with marketing, websites etc.

If you are interested or want to meet more and discuss this please Private message me.

Thanks for listening! and positive vibrations to all!

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