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Hi everyone :)

A few years ago I brought many household items with me from the uk thinking I would be settled in one place. In fact I have moving around and have had nowhere to put these wonderful inheritence pieces anywhere.

I really dont want to be carrying these items around anymore and also I am needing to find funds for a new project I have started. It is to this end that I wish to sell them all as fast as possible....i mean really fast!!!

I have tried selling them around sofia but it seems a lot of bulgarians are only interested in Bulgarian art and will not be willing to pay for items of quality so much.

I am perfectly aware that my prices will have to reflect the situation I am in now and also the country I am in.

Ideally I am looking for someone who deals with these things and can take the entire lot from me for a good price and then re-sell at their leisure.

However if anyone is interested in single items I can arrange a meeting and a viewing.

Below I shall list all that I have and if anyone is interested please Private message and we shall continue from there. I can then send through photos and price suggestions, which I have researched extensively on the internet but also am aware how this may change.

All of these items have been passed down to me from my grandparents and parents and ALL are of the highest quality and things you simply cannot get here.

- Protected content shell copper jerry can
Protected content brass bowl with engraved sides - for decoration purposes.
- a set of 3 traditional copper pans
Protected content naim weave persian carpets (hallway size)
Protected content China mason large serving platter
- Various items from a set of Japanese dinnerware, including teacups and plates.
- Adams english scenic set (in rose) of ironstone dinnerware, including 4 large plates, 2 large bowls, 6 small plates, 6 soup bowls and 2 serving platters.
- decorative porcelain pot.
Protected content china handled soup cups with plates to match.
Protected content cargo saucer and cup from christies auction.
Protected content Ireland cups
- amazonian tribal set bows and arrows !!!
Protected content of venezualen prints
- tintin comics in english.
- various paintings and prints but most importantly Protected content from Nigerian artist Bruce Onobrakpeya, 2 form a set and the other is individual. these are highly sought after and at auction, for the prints, can reach up to 2,000 euros a piece.
- one large chest of drawers (english made and mahogany)
Protected content height coffee table with glass top made from maple.
Protected content stand.
Protected content cabinet - with metal lions feet, strongbow made in uk, mahogany.
Protected content beautiful large mirror with gold gilted frame, excellent quality.
Protected content oval mirror with wood frame.
Protected content fondue set (the original and so much better than this plastic fantastic stuff you see in the shops now!!)

I am really really hoping that someone knows somebody who trades in these things or someone who is a re-seller then I can sell all in one go at a very good price.

I am hoping in the next 2 weeks I can have sold all these items as I must have the funds for my projects and travel..and to fix my car!!!

I hope to hear from anyone soon or please if you have any advice for me i would very much appreciate it.

many thanks and stay positive !!!


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