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looking for friends interested in Vw cars! (Sofia)

Hi İ'm new on the site and just working out how things work so excuse my posting!

İ am English and limited to that language! İ live in İzmir, Turkey but want to make friends in Bulgaria that like VWs. İn Turkey there are very few English speakers who own VWs(VOS VOS as they are known here).

İ have a Protected content but i am currenty thinking of importing a modern shaped car from either Bulgaria or bordering countries. İn Turkey there are lots of old VWs so spares are plentiful but the actual cars are expensive because of the import taxes. Fortunately i am allowed to bring one car from abroad but what stops me getting an English car is the proviso it has to be left hand drive which is set by the Turkish Government.

İ love old and new cars but there isnt a catogrey for it in the interests!

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