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Sofia is exhibited in Bucharest

Dear friends,
For I've spent the most beautiful days, and took my most beautiful shots, in Sofia, I and my friends chose to choose it as the topic for the 2nd edition of our photography exhibitions "The World in Visions", and this time it's "Sofia: Visions" (while 6 months ago it was "Bucharest: Visions").
We take pictures, not in a tourist sense, rather what we see randomly within the city... it can be a building, a crack in the wall, a flower, a girl playing guitar, a crying child, a dog looking surprised etc.
We are making it in Bucharest, starting 27 September and until 11 October, and we invite you because Bucharest is only 7 hours, and 15 EUR bus away from Sofia, so whoever thinks will be visiting Bucharest is more than welcome to come, and whoever has a question is welcome to ask.
Also whoever has information about how and where we can re-exhibit our exhibition in Sofia itself, at a cheap or a free place, please help us.
The link to the event on Facebook is:
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Thank you all in advance, if you will have a tip to help us come to Sofia, or will visit us in Bucharest.

Ramy Fares & Fellow Photographers

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