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Working in Somalia

Working in Somalia could be complicated for expats, but knowing the leading sectors, the proper job hunting techniques and the local bureaucracy is definitely an advantage. Check out these aspects and some other useful tips in the InterNations Expat Guide!

Economic Overview 

The most important sector is agriculture, employing around 70% of the workforce, with livestock comprising approximately 40% of the country's GDP. Other important industries are telecommunications and manufacturing. In fact, following the 2012 formation of Somalia as a federation, there has been an active period of development. This has been particularly apparent around the capital city of Mogadishu.

Manufacturing certainly enjoys an active role here, particularly in and around the capital city. What is more, with six private airlines operating throughout the country, Somalia's importation and exportation is thriving.

Job Hunting in Somalia 

As with any move to a different country it is advisable to do your homework first. There are lots of ways you can make your job search much easier, for instance by contacting specialist recruiters. Online you can take a closer look at the job opportunities currently available. For Somalia, recommended online portals are, and Career Jet.

Social Security in Somalia

Those working in Somalia should be aware that the social security system should not be relied on completely. Even Somalia's nationals do not have benefits such as unemployment insurance. There is, however, a contribution-based welfare system. This is the traditional way of financial assistance between native communities. With 43% of the population living under 1 USD per day, the federal government is aware of Somalia’s Social Security needs and is working towards change.

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