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families with teenagers in Southampton

Hi everyone,

We have recently moved here from Florida and my two children 15yrs 17yrs are finding it really hard to settle in. Although we are English we have not lived here since Protected content . As you can imagine, it feels like living in another foreign country for us all.
My daughter especially is struggling, she's just 17 yrs and due to are arrive date in February, no schools will take her until the new term in September, schools are sitting exam periods and can't take in students during this time.
As you can imagine, this is absolutely terrible for her.. I'm reaching out to any other families that have experienced something similar, or families with teenagers that can help ease this transaction period.

It would be fantastic to hear from you, and hopefully we can make some new friends in the area that understand were we are coming from.

Hope to hear back from fellow Americans in our area.

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