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About my interview in Accountor Konsu (St. Petersburg)

Hello All! May be you ve already heard about this outsoursing company or may be no but i might be intresting for you to know.

So I was invited to the interview in Konsu 16.04.2014. That time and now I have being in active search of chief accountant position in Spb. And the determination of position in Konsu was attractive because my favorite employer is an international company and I liked also described responsibilities .It were similar to my background and challenge which I am looking for. So, we arranged our first interview with Vladimir Lutkov (I suppose you know him). He asked me some general questions such what I am looking and expecting from my future work why I am going to leave my current job etc. So all as usual. Then he gave me professional test which also is traditional part of selecting process for chief accountant positions.

In approximate one week I ve got a call from company with invitation for second interview.

I was very glad. We arrange our meeting on 16.05. Protected content I had an interview with Inna Fedina the chief of accounting department. Inna told me that she likes my test results and asked me some professional questions. Then she checks my English. And at the end told that I made good impression for her and she understand that I have potential as well as some holes in my knowledge but it is not a big problem because she thinks I can grow fast. That is by the way absolutely true. I need only correct motivation.

So I was happy to hear it and I was very glad because thought that I ve found my perfect job.

Uhhhh. She promised to call me on Monday to confirm the meeting with general director.

And also told about start date of future work – 1.06.2014. I was happy with it too.

So everything were fine, you see? i.e. my background, my expectations, my abilities and them needs suit each other. And it seems to me she understand it.

And I was waiting her call. But nobody calls me on Monday on Tuesday and Wednesday . On Thursday I decided to call myself. And secretary informed me that they tell my final decision tomorrow.

But that words surprised me because I was almost sure that final decision is already made or probably will be make after my meeting with director. So it was strange to hear.

And I rang up again. And Director of HR department promised to call me tomorrow.

Honestly after all this, I was sure that they already decided not to hire me but only afraid to tell me it or simply hold my candidature as fallback. Of course it disappointed me. But I was waiting them call all Friday but nobody called. Is it normal , is it ok don’t fulfill the promises ? I don’t think so. Anyway they should call me and tell at least something.

What should I think?

Actually I urgently need job because I didn’t have good job for a long time and my family have financial problems and all hopes related to me and what? I don’t know what to do, I cant believe any employers after many such cooperations with employers and it doesn’t help me with my future interviews and I even losing my hope and strength.

The worst thing in this story is I actually don’t know real reasons.

So I ve got good education in well-respected institute by the way I paid for my education and earned money for it myself, and I worked a lot I was trying to learn something new every time, I am improving my English every day in spite of just hoping to receive benefits some day.

And I need only chance and all and never get it. So it is not strange that I have depression about it.

So I am very very tired of such situation, so tired that I am writing to you.

I hope you will read it believe and understand and may be help a little bit if you can.

If they are acting like this with people so something wrong inside.
I think it is big problem in society in general.
I can only conclude that better don’t pass any interview because it is just wasting time.
Just imagine what I feel. I don’t deserve this.

Thanks a lot for your attention and time.

Best Regards

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