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Administratinator, we need you! (St. Petersburg)

Administratinator – step forth, we need you.

Are you dependable and resourceful? Can you seize initiative and do things which you see need doing? Can you help us surprise and delight our clients with excellent customer service? Do you love supporting your team mates?

You see, we’re looking for the admin of all admins – an administratinator©

Do you know how many акты there are to one счет? Can you modify the wording in a simple contract? Are you friendly with computers? Can you ensure a reliable supply of coffee beans? Can you chase up a client about late payments? Can you organise a tender? There’s a lot going on round here that we don’t have time to do – that’ll be your job.

We’re a team of friendly wordnerds© with a passion for our work, and a purpose – we’re trying to improve Russia’s international image, through translation. (Yeah, yeah, we know; we’ve made a start, but there’s a lot more to do).

What’s the reward? Starting salary of RUB Protected content , personalised bonuses, food, a great working spirit, and the knowledge that you will learn more in your first two months than you’ve learnt in the last two years.

No whiners, no lazy people, and nobody with too many 'personal commitments'.

We are Eclectic Translations. Are you The One for us?

Get in touch: send us a cover letter, a photo of you doing your hobby, and three reasons why you are The One, by 15.12.2012.

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