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Free English language tour on the Siege of Leningr (St. Petersburg)

On September 7, Protected content Sports Center "North-West" invites everyone to a free memorial walking tour along the Nevsky prospekt (in English) and the side streets of the city center (in Russian). It is the fourth free tour we've organised on dates which have special significance for the history of our city.

This time, 73 years and one day from the beginning of the Siege of Leningrad, the ENGLISH LANGUAGE tour will start at 2 p.m. at the Tourist InfoCenter on the Palace Square. The tour participants will not only learn interesting and little known facts from the life of besieged Leningrad, but they will also see A3-sized photos of the main street of the city taken in wartime on numerous stops along the route of the tour.

The tour will last 1,5-2 hours and its final stop is Nevsky, Protected content crossing of Nevsky and Liteiny Prospekts).

The next tour IN RUSSIAN will start at 16.00 at Nevsky Protected content crossing of Nevsky and Liteiny Prospekts). This tour will take the group away from the main street to the little side streets of the city center, where old photos will reveal the tragedy and heroics of the siege, forever etched in the quiet crumbling facades. Most stops along the route will be illustrated not only by photos, but also the poems of the poets who lived in the city during the Siege, which will be read exactly where the events described in them took place.

The tour will be conducted by Alexander Shmidke, a student and enthusiast of siege history, one of the few professional guides who does Siege of Leningrad tours in the city and its environs.

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