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Honouring the fascists soldiers who attacked you (St. Petersburg)

Dear friends from Saint Petersburg,

I feel completely completely ashamed that my government appoints a consul who honours the spanish fascist soldiers who attacked your heroic city during the II WW.

I have found this in a spanish newspaper:
(so, sorry, it is in Spanish, but I'm sure that some of you can understand my language)

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I would really like that your government sent this spanish diplomat to the place where "it" belongs.

By the way: his father (Antonio Martínez-Cattáneo) was one of those spanish fascist soldiers who helped Hitler in his attack to your country. Do you think it is just a coincidence that my government sends to StP his son as consul? Do you think that we don't have more diplomats?
I don't know you, but if I were russian, I would not be very happy.

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