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Interested in employement opportunities (St. Petersburg)

Hello expats of Saint Petersburg !!!
Soon I will return to my beuatiful city on the sea and seek permanent residence.
I have to find work to make the process complete. I will be married to my Russian
fiance( of 5 years) as soon as possible when I arrive (approxamately 32 days give or take a week) I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could consider me for
employement.I have been self employed in the USA since Protected content owned several business's and am currently a licensed real estate broker here in Austin Texas.I have been in the real estate business since Protected content also have extensive experience in construction dating back to Protected content have a great interest in the ecological well being of Saint Petersburg and Russia in general and desire to be involved in related fields of work.I have spent time in Siberia and know Saint Petersburg very well having been there four times in the last six years.I have studied Russian for all this time but still need to learn to speak it well. I am very versatile by nature and have an entreprenuerial (did i spell that right?) mentality.
I am the hands on type who likes to get his hands dirty. I love to grow good food and I love to work with positive people.

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