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international cleaning services. (St. Petersburg)

i have decided to venture into the cleaning services business, my business is about cleaning apartments, houses ,offices and rooms at a reasonable cost. the workers are young, cheerful, fast, effecient , polite, trustworthy , hardworking female international college students. this service provides you with cleaners of diffrenet languages including english, russian, spanish and french. its so much easier to communicate what is it you need to get done when everyone understands each other. for busy clients cooking services can also be added to your package, nothing like a good, home cooked meal.this business is geared on helping each student earn a little income to help with the large expensives associated with living in a big and overpriced city. im sure you can all remember what its like being a student, now imagine being a student in an exorbitant foreign city. I'm asking my fellow expats and friends to give this business a try, an opportunity to give you services for your money's worth. i gaurantee that you will not be disappointed in our work and the sooner you contact us , the sooner we can start building a reputation that will precede us (in a good way of course).
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