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Looking for a job / internship (St. Petersburg)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Karsten Breitig, I am 24 years old. I study Corporate Management & Economics specialising on entrepreneurship at Zeppelin University, Germany. I graduated in psychology. I have experience leading one of the biggest consumer protection agencies of Germany as vice-president. I used to work as a newspaper journalist in Germany.
For special talent I receive two scholarships: from the German Economy Foundation and Zeppelin University.

I am currently looking for a job or internship opportunity in St. Petersburg.

What am I good at?
- studying human behavior (psychology)
- entrepreneurship (my speciality in my master's degree)
- researcher (all social sciences)
- human resources
- managing a non-profit organization
- organizing and managing my own projects

I would work in something not especially related to my educational profile.

Karsten Breitig

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