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Looking for a room, or potential flatmates (St. Petersburg)


I'm moving to St Petes tomorrow (20th October) and am looking for either a room in a shared flat or potential flatmates with whom to find a whole apartment. I'm booked into a hostel for a week whilst I look, so hope to sort something by next weekend.

I'll be living there for at least three months (on my current visa), but intend to continue renewing visas and potentially make this a more permanent move. Looking to spend around 18, Protected content roubles per month but can go a little higher if necessary.

Would like to be fairly central (not keen on having to wait for bridges to close to get home after a night out), preferably within walking distance of Nevskiy, etc. Need fast internet and a good kitchen as I enjoy eating and cooking... Oh, and friendly housemates of course. :-)

Currently my Russian is learnt from the internet and fairly basic, although I have joined a language school so will start classes (and hopefully improving) very soon. So Russian housemates who want to practice their English on me would be one option (as long as they don't mind helping my Russian too), but I may struggle if the only language spoken is Russian.

If anybody can help, or anybody else looking for flats wants to join forces and pool resources then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Look forward to meeting some of you in St Pete's...

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