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Looking for: Russian Researcher/Trend Observer (St. Petersburg)


We were wondering if you or someone you know would be interested in joining our local, street research team in Russia.

Streative Branding is a strategic design and trend intelligence agency. We are passionate real-life observers and brand storytellers that aim to uncover global trends and provide customised brand solutions. Our clients come to us looking to get closer to the movements on the street, to understand people and cultures more deeply, and to learn from them. Lucky for us, we get to recruit and work closely with a variety of creative minds to offer our clients more creative, immersive, and profound brand insight.

You would be apart of our network of Moles that is made up of independent influencers, thinkers, cynical risk-takers, and multi-taskers. Our Moles personify the melting pot of trend intelligence straight from the street. They are architects, designers, researchers, filmmakers, editors, provocateurs, concierges, DJs, snitches, and bloggers.

This is a role that you can do in your spare time and would not get in the way of your full time position. If this interests you, please see the job description attached.

If not, do you have any people or bloggers that you would recommend in St. Petersburg?

Please contact me with information:

Samantha Wilder
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Thank you so much for your help.

Warm regards from Amsterdam,

St. Petersburg Forum