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Mechanical engineer trying to find work in Russia (St. Petersburg)


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some ideas about making the move from Australia to Russia and before I begin some people have asked me why do you want to make that move and what's wrong with Australia! The answer is there's nothing wrong with Australia, it's a great place but we all enjoy a change every now and then.

Anyway I'm a mechanical engineer with about 8 years experience in oil and gas and mining industries. I specialise in providing cost estimates for major projects that sometimes run into the billions of dollars.

I've rang a few job agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg and got the impression they don't really want to talk to me for some reason. I've heard that Russians like to deal with people they already know or have a relationship with.

So I was just wondering what everyone thinks would be the best way to find a good expat type job in Russia. I'm also applying to some global engineering companies who have offices in Moscow.

Any advice is ofcourse much appreciated, thanks a lot and Internations is a really good website.

Cheers all.

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