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Medical/ health insurance for spouses (St. Petersburg)


Hi All,
My husband is Russian and I have been awarded Temporary residency in Russia. We are still waiting to change my registration to St Pete because my visa was issued in Kaliningrad and only by changing my registration to this region will I be able to work legally here.
I would like to know how I (as a spouse of a Russian who is unable to work as yet) can get medical or health insurance as I had insurance in South Africa but it is not valid in Russia and my travel insurance is no longer valid as my status has changed from "tourist" to "temporary resident".
I have been told that I can only apply for insurance once I start work and I may only work after my registration has been moved here. Nothing has happened yet (touch wood) but it makes me nervous to not have insurance. Can anybody advise me what we can do?
Also, my husband has medical/ health insurance (as all Russians do) and I would like to know if it would be possible for him to add me to his insurance (we do this in South Africa, you can add your spouse and children)?

Any advice would be appreciated

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