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Open Saint-Petersburg with us! We know everything (St. Petersburg)

With our help you can discover this city from different angles of historical, cultural and entertaining sides.

One of our foreign guests, who toured Russia a lot, once said that St. Petersburg is the most European city in Russia and the most Russian city in our country. And we agree with him, because all over the world, Saint-Petersburg is known for its eternal beauty, deep history and unique romantic atmosphere.

It’s a privilege for Rossi Tour to be your guide through this beautiful and hospitable city.

The sightseeing tour is starting… Let’s breathe in special air of this place and make sure, that you are falling in love with this very laic and at the same time mystical city. Just imagine, that you have a chance to walk around the palaces, where every little detail is a very important part of the past times in the huge Russian history.. The times, when the Romanovs ruled the country over Protected content , Peter the Great founded the country’s navy, Carl Rossi (just to note that we named our company after Carl Rossi - a prominent architect and town-planner) built his exceptional ensembles, Dostoevsky created his “masterpiece” Crime and Punishment, Tchaikovsky wrote a well-known music for the Swan Lake Ballet.

Saint-Petersburg is the big part of the history, cultural heritage and you should know that nobody who has ever come to St. Petersburg and stayed there will always remember as a lovely fairytale of beauty. PTBusines Nina

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