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Professional's Choice™ (St. Petersburg)

Dear All,

I have just opened Pilates Studio in St. Petersburg and am happy to invite you to practice pilates with me at Smart Pilates.

5 characteristics that make Smart Pilates truly special:

- An Environment... My studio is calm, clean, and bright.

- True Pilates Instructor... Am the only instructor in St. Petersburg certified by Canadian company STOTT PILATES, which is recognized worldwide as the Professional's Choice™ in cutting-edge Pilates equipment, education and media. This unique, contemporary method of exercise has been refined over the years to include the modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation – making it one of the safest and most effective methods available.

- Accessibility in the Heart of St. Petersburg...
Conveniently located on Krukov Kanal, Smart Pilates is easily accessible from Nevsky and Sennaya. The Studio is situated next to Mariinski theatre, almost in the middle between the theatre and Nikolsky Cathedral – an amazingly beautiful part of the City!

- State of the Art Equipment...
In addition to mat classes and various props, I offer the best of STOTT PILATES equipment: Reformer with full vertical frame, and Stability Chair.

- Flexible schedules and fees...
Smart Pilates offers flexibility with schedules and fees.

Contact me if you have any quiestions or to book a class.

See you tonight at Gusto!

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