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Rio Carnival (Cigar Smokers Society Dinner) (St. Petersburg)

The Cigar Smokers Society and the Grand Hotel Europe, which is renowned for its charity projects, could not be left unmoved by the plight in which the residents of Haiti have found themselves since the beginning of this year. Everyone is aware of the catastrophic earthquake that devastated Haiti on 12 January Protected content . During such catastrophes, children are the first to suffer. Therefore, the Grand Hotel Europe, which has for many years supported the Children’s Village SOS Pushkin just outside St. Petersburg, chose the counterpart of this children’s village in Haiti as the beneficiary of its charity event.

On March 18, the first meeting this year of the Cigar Smokers Society will take place in L’Europe restaurant. The theme of the evening will be the Brazilian Carnival, which begins its spectacular procession on February 13 in Rio de Janeiro. The dinner menu will be compiled especially for the occasion by the chef from the Copacabana Palace hotel, which is situated on Rio de Janeiro’s celebrated Copacabana Beach, and which belongs, like the Grand Hotel Europe, to the Orient Express company.

The Cigar Smokers Society does not just hold elegant cigar evenings; it actively helps people from other countries. This time, the society will make a contribution to help those who suffered during the earthquake in Haiti. On the evening of March 18, an exclusive sale of cigars and smoking accessories will take place, all the proceeds from which will be given to the SOS Children’s Village in Port-au-Prince.

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