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Start Business in Russia (St. Petersburg)

Do you want to start your own business in Russia? Do you want to open a representative office in St. Petersburg?

Formations company could take a lot of time and be quite complicated, therefore you shouldn’t do it without an experienced reliable assistant. Firstly, you should select the legal form, to register company in Russia you choose one of the following forms: OOO, ZAO, OAO, Branch, and Representative Office. The legal form that you will choose for the new entity will much influence your business activity. We will help you to decide which form is appropriate for the company registration in Russia.

Secondly, you should appoint/hire the Head of the branch/representative office. So you will need work permits, visas and legal consultations.

Next step for business formation is the registration of the new legal entity. It is quite long and complicated process. Also you will need to open a bank account; we will help you to choose the most suitable bank for you, the best conditions for convenient work. Please mind that we also can do accounting for you. Accounting in Russia is one of the internal corporate activities that can easily be outsourced. Our secure computer software and IT infrastructure insures that bank transactions are safe, while allowing the client to stay in control of the account.

As soon as your new legal entity or office in Russia is registered, even if you have no employees yet, you should decide how to handle your financial accounting, pay taxes and prepare all necessary financial and management reports. Without a doubt, Russia represents a unique opportunity for both local and international businesses. However, it's no secret that the Russian tax authorities have an aggressive reputation. Our lawyers have the comprehensive legal and regulatory knowledge required to provide pragmatic, value-added services to your enterprise. The unique synergy of certified lawyers working with certified accountants at EMG enables us to conduct a more comprehensive due diligence review and deliver a better tax structure and enforcement solution than the competition. Our litigation experience has saved our clients millions of dollars in contested tax assessments.

Next step in formation of a company after you’ve hired the employees is Payroll and HR administration. Regardless of the size of your organization, Payroll and Human resource functions and documentation are often checked by the Russian Labor Authorities. Since our inception, many of St. Petersburg’s leading companies have entrusted us to make sure that their staff were paid properly. Our mythological approach, specialized know – how and experience makes outsourcing not economical, but it also helps to keep salary information confidential.

In summary we offer a complete turn key range of services for formation of companies in Russia (new company formations). From advising on the most efficient legal structure, company registration and managing your daily accounting operations, we help you get it right the first time. Pay attention, that our clients are 100% ensured against fines or penalties being levied against them by the Russian tax authorities arising from our mistakes. EMG never has any of the clients incurred financial loss due to inadequate bookkeeping services. In brief, we bare the risk so you don’t have to!
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