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Will speaking fluent English help me find a job? (St. Petersburg)

Hello folks,

Greek is my native language and I speak fluent English. On 16 I passed the Cambridge examinations of Proficiency in English language and I've also lived for few years in UK. For me writing/speaking English is as natural as it can be for a foreigner. Recently I hired a private teacher to teach me Russian (which I find very interesting and I manage to keep myself highly motivated during the learning process). To cut a long story short, my question is this:

How easy is it to start a career in St. Petersburg for someone who:

1) Knows Greek.
2) Knows English.
3) Speaks Italian (need a lot of polishing there).
4) Has 10 years of work experience in retail banking.
5) Speaks Russian.
6) Has a dream of moving to St. Petersburg and is hoping for a career in the banking sector or is willing to jump to another relevant (or not) sector?

I have the notion that there is demand for fluent English speakers in Peter, am I wrong? If I manage to learn good Russian in Protected content will it help me move there and find a good job?

Thanks for your patience,

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