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Writing Coach! (St. Petersburg)

Hi all, I just found out that a bunch of students for whom I taught writing this summer, all passed their Cambridge Exams! Now that I have a measurable track record and references, etc. I can offer myself as a writing coach. I am a novelist, I have done editing projects for the Russian Museum, for the website "Virtual Concierge," and corporate contractual editing for a high level client who was involved with the Sochi Olympics.

Academic and literary writing is my absolute passion. I have also written a Masters Thesis for my degree in Counseling Psychology. Enough about me--what do you want to write? What is your passion? I can also edit for: Presentations, Audio Tours, Scripts and Subtitles, Signs, Menus, Advertising, Brochures, Webpages etc. Happy to Help! Denise Cox, MA, TEFL Certified

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