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Finding the Basics (Stavanger)

Hello all. This may be a bit random, but I was wondering where to shop for certain items? My husband and I are moving into an apartment in the city centre in less than two weeks, and I didn't get much of a chance last time I was there to scout out local shops and grocery markets to see what all was where.

I was wondering where one could find normal, household cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc? In the US, most grocery stores carry those items - wasn't sure if the same would be true here? Would REMA Protected content those items?

Also, do I have to go to a pet store, specifically, to find items such as kitty litter and pet food? We are bringing our two cats with us, so I wanted to make sure I planned out where to get these items as soon as I get on the ground.

Thank you so much for helping me with these random quests! :)

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