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A presentation on geo-political/economic changes (Stockholm)

Greetings to all,

I will be returning to Sweden for two months, hopefully to open a few doors for my return to a country I feel a strong connection to.

I currently have an online weekly, alternative radio newscast, offering the news that the mainstream media will not report, but with a galactic and spiritual perspective.

There is so much happening on MANY different levels right now, and most are unable and/or unwilling to 'connect the dots' to how all these seemingly unconnected events really are connected in currently unknown and profound energetic ways.

People around the world are awakening to the fact that 'something' is going on, even if they are unable to fully understand it. They may be seeing things happening, but others still may be FEELING profound shifts in human and planetary consciousness, and are beginning to wonder what this might mean for them personally or for our planet in general.

On top of my newscast, I also offer presentations and discussions with groups to help explore these topics and more. Part of my 'truth' at this time is to help make the unknown known, and to help empower humanity in finding one's own 'truth' when one is ready to explore it, and begin to live that truth in service to humanity and our planet.

Are you one who FEELS that something significant is happening? Are you one SEEING it around you? Are you one has no idea what you're seeing/feeling, but you have a LOT of questions anyway?

I cannot promise to have answers for each and every person, but I believe I can help people 'connect dots' that may help guide one towards a deeper understanding of what is unfolding upon our planet at this time. Expect a WIDE range of topics to be covered in a very short period of time. If there is enough interest, a follow-up event can be organized.

In the meantime, getting the first event organized is key. I will be arriving around 20AUG and staying until sometime around 21OCT. I would like to try to set up something early in September, perhaps on a Monday or Tuesday evening. Maybe the 8-9th or the Protected content ? If there are 25 people who are interested, we could perhaps meet at a nice Thai food restaurant in Stockholm called "Blue Chili', and we could enjoy a dinner before starting?
These are just suggestions at this time.

You can reply to me at Protected content to indicate your interest. Once I have a list of people, I will reply to them directly to finalize a date and time.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time to read my post, and it is my hope that there will be many of you who are having questions and are interested in trying to make some greater sense about what is going on at this time!

Blessings to you all for health, joy and abundance on all levels in your world!

In peace, and in service to humanity and our planet,
Anchor, Cosmic Vision News
Visionary Consultant, Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing
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