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Bank account without Swedish Card (Stockholm)

Is it possible to open an account in a Swedish bank without a Swedish Card?
I work for KTH and have an account at Nordea. My partner followed me in Sweden and we tried to open her an account at Nordea. She has a Swedish personal number but not a Swedish card (neither do I). At Nordea we were told that you could not open an account without a Swedish card. They said that I had been able to open an account because they have an agreement with KTH for dealing with KTH students and staff. In the same time, I have been told that getting a Swedish card was really difficult and that you had to be in Sweden for more than a year to be able to get one.
How do people who do not work for KTH can open an account to receive there salary? Even more if they have a contract which is less than a year?
Any experience on opening a bank account without a Swedish card ?

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