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Berns event October and November, addendum (Stockholm)

Dear all,

It seems there has been a "misunderstanding" between the eventmanagers from Berns and me.
For October I had been told that if the Spegelsalen is too small, we would be able to open doors to Röda rummet and have that as well.
This was not the case.
I had also explained that the offical InterNations event-time will be 19: Protected content , but that our attendees of course wish to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening/night in the establishment, as we did at our other club events in Sturekompagniet, Hell's Kitchen and PURE.
This was not the case in Bern's nightclub this friday as I have just heard.
I appologize for your inconvenience, but if eventorganizers from clubs do not honor what has been agreed upon, and as I unfortunatly was not present to stand our ground, there is not much that can be done but to inform you all about what happened.
Also, I want to remind you and explain once more: the fee you pay as Basic member at events is not only for the attendance of that exact event, it is to maintain and grow InterNations as a web-based global social network in now about Protected content . As Albatross members you pay a fee online and this grants you full access to all information on the InterNations webplatform, you can send messages (not only 5 per month) and you attend events for free.
Best regards,

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