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Child benefit, job hunting etc. (Stockholm)

Hi, we will be moving to Stockholm with two young kids in February Protected content . My husband will be working and I am planning to job hunt straight away but I am aware that it will be hard as I don't speak the language yet (I am HR professional). Living on one salary will be hard at the beginning and we are hoping I'll manage something soon. However in the meantime I was wondering if there is any assistance from goverment agencies (similar to job centres in the UK) to help you look for work etc. / I understand they can provide free language training ...but is there anything on the job front. Would we have any entitlements as EU citizens to stuff like Child Benefit, job seekers allowance, etc.

Also, I know it's hard to say but maybe people with two kids would know - how much on average you spend on food/and other living expenses per month...

Thank you

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