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Dutch/English speaker looking for job (Stockholm)

My name is Marloes, I am a Dutch citizen who will be moving to Stockholm by the end of this month. I graduated in Social Work but I work as an Office Manager in an international company in Amsterdam at the moment.
In Stockholm I hope to find another administrative position too. But I don't know how realistic this is as I do not speak Swedish.
Does anyone have any knowledge on this? I am planning to do a Swedish language course so I do hope to learn quickly.

I already applied for a couple of positions that didn't mention Swedish is required and I know a ton of websites where to find vacancies. But of course I wouldn't want to waste a lot of time on applying for jobs that most likely I won't be picked for anyway..

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to share their thoughts or knowledge with me!

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards,


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