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Homeless and desperate (Stockholm)

But still with a great sense of humor ;-) I'm 43 years old, Danish, and moved here only a month ago... Thought I had made the right decision, but I came here to live with BF - it just so happens that of course his youngest is allergic to my cats (and no, I don't just kill my pets or give them away; they are family too)... So we're trying to be pragmatic, and find a solution that will allow us to live close, but not together. It's either that or going home to Copenhagen and do the weekend thing twice a month... I'm too old for that.

So I need Protected content - I can share a place as long as the cats are welcome. I am peaceful, with a bit of luck I will have a steady job by next month (so far I still have some income from last job in DK, so not strapped for cash this side of the summer). I speak Danish, Swedish, English and German.

Please help if you can - a couple of months would do magic right now as I really, really have to get out of this place asap!

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