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In desperate need of ideas (Stockholm)

Hello everyone. I excuse myself for the rant ahead, but this is a very delicate and thorough issue that, well, demands it. Any help or ideas to get out of it would be very appreciated.

I find myself in a bit of a critical problem.
I am a Spanish citizen in Stockholm, been for a while yet, but I have entered a serious work-issue/pithole I am finding no means of getting out of.
I have recently been diagnosed with a rather sketchy version of obsessive-compulsive disorder, one of which has managed to dutifully ruin my means of accessing the job world for years by constantly swaying me in erroneous directions without any help from medical sources.
Thing is, up until recently I have been relying on my country's european health card attached to my family's name in order to get prescriptions from back home to effectively make me stay sane as I try to somehow find work in Stockholm. Relying mostly on my swedish sambo's financial help and a sammordningsnummer, I have been able to stick around by coming back and forth from Spain.
Now however, I have turned 26. My family's card is no longer allowed outside of Spanish bounds, I have no landing spot back in Spain to return to for the next six months to get a new prescription, and my present one will run out in April Protected content .
To further drag me down below; Sweden will not provide me any help as I am an european citizen and therefore assumed to be able to function without their support, nor will they allow me to apply for a real personnummer because I have neither a job contract from the country or a health insurance that will cover me for longer than a year, despite my sambo and my family's money having more than enough to cover my expenses full time, and having provided them proof of that much, plus proof that I have been here for years now without issues, they reject every application on the basis that they have no reason to believe I will be staying a year longer.
To put a cherry on top of the cake, most private insurance companies don't enjoy the fact that I need to be covered in Sweden and won't provide coverage above 4 to 6 months at most, and at ridiculous prices for the very fact - that is if they cover me at all, using O.C.D as a chronic disease to excuse not to.

I have been pretty much everywhere at this point. Arbetsformedlingen, skatteverket, we are simply stumped and I have absolutely no idea how to proceed nor am I being particularly enlightened by local management as to how to, either.
I really would appreciate any help at all.

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