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International Business Development (Stockholm)


I assist companies that are looking for new market opportunities in the Middle East & Europe, who are preparing to enter a new market or region, or want to improve their international market position.

Access to relevant market information; to connect and stay in touch with the right people and industry networks; communicate with your company’s stakeholders; and, identify the best possible channel partners to work with, are all important factors.

You will want to establish and maintain your company’s position and achieve the right exposure, while still being in control of what happens to your product/s, your clients, your company’s reputation and brand – and, achieve results.

As a step in achieving this objective, Advance International Business Development offers you the extra resource and local support. Some of our typical project services include:

SCAN AND MONITOR: identify opportunities and trends (industry, country, region)

MARKET RESEARCH: mapping the industry or market, feasibility studies, customer surveys

DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT: export marketing strategy and business plan

SEARCH, IDENTIFY AND EVALUATE: partners for co-operation (agents, clients, distributors and other channel partners)

BUSINESS SUPPORT: sales & marketing activities, local representation

INDUSTRY NETWORK AND RELATIONSHIPS: connect and communicate with business, industry and other stakeholders (establish, manage, expand)

COMMUNICATE, LAUNCH AND PRESENT: to key customers, media and opinion leaders

ESTABLISH LOCAL PRESENCE: start-up, registration, initial business administration, recruitment, process development and day-to-day operations

EXPAND: local, national or regional projects

Please do not hesitate to message me anytime for your requirements and information.

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