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Life in Stockholm for an expat

Hi everyone!

I am a Finn and in strong consideration to move over to Stockholm :) My workplace would be located on Karlavägen and I have already discovered that the rental market in Stockholm is a disaster :)

But the reason I am writing here is to ask how is life for you guys in Stockholm? What do you particularly enjoy? What are the possible challenges in living in the capital of Sweden?

I am hoping to relocate myself as close to the center as possible but I would be SO grateful if you guys could give me a hint of other areas of Stockholm City area, where you would have as fast transportation to the City as possible and still have the city feeling :) Since, as I said, it has become really obvious that finding a rental place in general is difficult :)

Any tips are highly appreciated regarding where to live, what to do etc etc :)

I wish you all a happy Sunday in Stockholm!

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