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Looking for a room in shared accommodation (Stockholm)


Hi all,

I'm looking for a room in a shared flat - would like to share with others as I enjoy social living arrangements. It is very common in Berlin, where I have lived the past three years, but I am finding this is not really the norm in Stockholm. Let's see!

On pricing I am very flexible, and in terms of room size, as long as it's not a cupboard I'm happy enough. Having a shared living room is always a plus.

I am Danish by birth, but grew up mostly in the UK, and am working for a German company which is opening an office in Stockholm, on Söder. I like to chill out at home, listen to some records, read some books, cook a meal, but together with those I live with rather than the kind of arrangement where everyone sticks to themselves, goes into their room, and shuts the door. The German term is "Zweck WG", and I want to avoid this.

I will be in Stockholm for 3 months, beginning mid-January (12th/13th), so obviously am looking for something fully furnished. Oven is a must, as I make a mean lasagna. Internet connection also.

In the evenings and weekends I intend to explore what Stockholm has to offer, both in terms of nightlife as well as the surrounding nature - I like to run and to cycle, snow-permitting!

So if anyone is looking, or knows someone who is looking, for a friendly, easy-going flatmate in his mid-twenties, please drop me a note asap.

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