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Looking for Part Time jobs (Stockholm)

Hey there,

My name is Belen Garcia and have just been accepted to Stockholm University to do a Masters in Banking and Finance.
Ideally, I am looking for for a part time position in Finance , but since I have 8 years experience in marketing analytics, I would be happy to hear from part time vacancies in this field too.

Now, I don't speak Swedish just yet, but I intend tom learn. I already did a couple of years of Swedish back in England, so I would be happy to pick it up again.

I also speak Spanish, mother tongue, and get by in French.

I am reading in every single forum that there is in the internet, and everyone says that it is almost a miracle to get a part time English speaking job in Stockholm. And certainly that is being my impression too.
So I would like to add to this summary that I make an excellent coffee.

Does anyone have any contacts? Or maybe you know of suitable vacancies?

Get in touch, please!


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