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Moving Finally to Sweden - Complicated Situation (Stockholm)

Good Morning Folks,

I'm researching for a friend on a weird situation that he didn't manage well as I guess,

He Lebanese, working in Qatar got to know his wife "now" 3 years ago.

He got his residency on March'12 valid till July'13, and he only registered on his wife on October'12 after he got married, and he managed to make all ABCs personal number, bank account, insurance.

But instead of moving to Sweden, he took a choice of buying a huge apartment in Skara, for himself and his wife and 2 step kids 2 yrs Girl / 3 yrs Boy.

Seems to me that he did the action in excitement and after that realized that keeping the apartment needs a job, so he went back to Qatar and didn't resign and for almost a year he kept going back-forth and funding his family/apartment and all needs from Qatar.

Now finally he is getting a job in Sweden, "Guess Stockholm nearby Kista" for almost OTE SEK 800k-900k Annually "before tax" with IT Multi-National company, and he is moving by January'14, "His salary in Qatar is TAX free, almost same amount in QR currency"

Answers he needs:
Is he obligated to pay any taxes for the past 1 year since he was registered till he resigned from that Oil company he was working for in Qatar? and What kind of settlement he needs to do?

If he doesn't disclose that, will this may bite in the ass later?

What kind of life can he afford if his family not able to move with him to Stockholm? as new baby on the way. what kind of accommodation he must consider as a smart expenditure? and will his salary enough for all that?

What is the slices of tax income will be applied on him? and as this is his first job in Sweden, will he pay same taxes for the first year or less?

What else did he miss in his calculation? all comments to help the thinking for moving forward ahead are welcome, and all comments to evaluate his previous steps also most welcome.

he is my best friend and all what I'm looking for, his happiness with his family. And a little advice would be more appreciated,

Thank You All,

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