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Need any job to move to Stockholm


Hey guys, I am about to graduate Civil Engineering from UQ in Brisbane, Australia. And I am looking for work in Stockholm. I am looking on and some companies websites. But there's not too much going for graduates. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice/know people that might be able to help?

Also, I realise to get their sooner I would like to find any type of job so I can manage to get a work permit to stay for a year. I would ideally like to work in a cafe as I am quite a coffee enthusiast, but also, will work mostly any job I can get to get me there sooner. So just posting everywhere I can that I am looking for work and seeing what comes back.

I have basic Swedish, and I plan to continue learning for personal and professional reasons. Have been working in an engineering office for a few months and have also worked as a driving instructor and have done some retail and hospitality as well. I plan to get an Responsible Service of Alcohol and/or barista training to have some more things to add to my CV. So I am open to ideas for available work.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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