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Need help with registration/finding swedish course (Stockholm)

Hello, I moved to sweden last december Protected content . I have sent an application for registration, so I could start a swedish course, in order to be able to get a job here. Only problem is, I have been put on a waiting list for 14 months, so that would mean i would have to wait this time in order to get started as an intern or even start a swedish course. I am starting to doubt if I did something wrong with registration wich makes it take so long. (Sent this to migrationsverket). I thought it would be rather easy to get registered and get started in sweden since I am an EU citizen, but I was so wrong. Basically I am looking for someone (preferably Dutch) that has been through this registration chao and can tell me where and how to get started.

Thanks in advance and regards,

Ernst Veenman.

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