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personal training (Stockholm)


Hi there!

I m back from asia where i worked for different gyms as a personal trainer for 7 years.
i am now living in stockholm.
If you are looking for a personal trainer , i will be glad to train you at home or at your gym and will do my best to help you to reach your fitness goals.

For more informations please feel free to contact me: Protected content


Personal Trainer Overview

I incorporate a little bit of everything into my workouts, tailoring each one specific to your needs! Each person's body is different, and therefore not every exercise or diet trick will work for every person every time. They key is finding something that most effectively benefits your body, inside and out; teaching you to create for yourself those habits that will keep you making the progress necessary to meet your goals!

Training Philosophy

I am a fitness trainer devoted to exercise and healthy living. It is my personal belief that training is more than just helping someone lose some weight. I will not only help you shed those unwanted pounds, but more than that I will help you create for yourself a lifestyle that will allow you to keep it off!


I have trained with several different competitive body builders, learning tips and tricks for the importance of proper diet, technique, and a variety of different exercises. I have played sports my entire life, and am passionate about nutrition and healthy eating.

I specialize in Protected content comprehensive programs that push your body to its limit and transform the way you look and feel as much as possible in 30 to 60 days. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you can scientifically do it in 1 month, then make it happen! The only things you need are the right exercise program, the right nutritional principles (balance of nutrients and amount consumed are FAR more important than what you eat, so eat what you like!), and the right accountability

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