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Relocation/ Moving/ Delivery Services Offered in S (Stockholm)

Relocation/ Moving/ Delivery Services Offered in Stockholm..

Immediate ,Planned Transportation and Delivery Services are offered in Stockholms Region and if FROM Stockholm then we can also help you to move to other bordering regions out of Stockholm..

Our Services are as Following:

-- Transportation and Moving of furnutire and stuffs from one apartment to another.

-- Flyttstädning or Moving Out Cleaning which is done when you need to deliver your apartment or house to Hyresföreningen so that the apartment needs to be cleaned out exactly how they want it..With Guarantee..

-- Cleansing and Throwing out of Heavy Furniture,Fridges,Heavy TV, Any kind of heavy stuff ,garbage that you want to get rid of ... We would come and take them to Recycle Station in Stockholm and sort the stuffs accordingly where they should be left out according to Garbage Recycle rules.

-- Delivery of Items from one adress to another

-- Delivery of Items that you might buy from Blocket and then would want it Delivered to your office or to your apartment or house

If you would Need Help don't hesitate to Contact via

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