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Reverse job question (Stockholm)

I am posting this here instead of in the "jobs" section so as not to distract from the people looking for career contacts.

I am looking at this from the other end of things, I would like to hear about (primarily) entry level positions that might exist in your companies or in associates companies.

Part of my job is helping employers in the Stockholm area find staff. This is a free service provided by the city. I work with people who are mainly looking for positions that don't require previous experience but can be learned "on the job". This being due to their experience being in fields that is more difficult to find in the Stockholm region or that requires higher education in Sweden (agriculture or plumbing for example). Feel free to contact me either on here, or send me a message with your phone number if you prefer phone contact.

Long story short: Do you or anyone you know need restaurant, retail, cleaning, childcare, storeroom, delivery, office-work etc. staff. If so, drop me a line :)
Note that we can also, in some cases, work with Arbetsförmedling to lower costs for the employer.

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