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Hello folks! Get ready, The Shockholm Halloween Parade and Events is coming! Saturday, October 27! We begin the fun at Slussen (this Slussen part is for mostly family oriented fun) from 2-4. At 4, we march down Skeppsbron, past the royal castle, to Kungsträgdgården, where we start our after parade party! Which will be fun--we have a Protected content fueled Haunted Fiskdamm, we have an hour and a half of great entertainment, we have a 'Haunted Zombie Park' you might dare to brave and a few other surprises. And maybe best of all, our best costume ceremony! What do you need to do? Just come in costume and have a great time! There's no cost, it's all free. Well, not things like food or merch, but, the parade and parties are. So, we invite you to come and have a great time at Shockholm! Please do 'attend' on our FB event page Protected content if you like, and, consider joining in on the King/Queen for a Day contest (its easy) to win things like a night at the Grand Hotel with dinner Protected content If you would like to volunteer to help with things, we could sure use that, just email me at bill at Hope to see you there!

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