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Temporary Residence in Stockholm.

Good Morning everyone, i hope somebody can help me with some tips for my situation.
Me and my wife are currently living in Gdansk - Poland and we just came from a work onboard a cruise line and we have another job ready but only after May, I'm from Brazil, she is Polish and crossed our mind to spend this 3 months in Stockholm as we been in the Scandinavian region with the ships and we absolutly love it! My Question is, is there any chance for temporary job in Sweden? Don't need to be in our area of profession, the idea to go to Sweden is for the experience and to learn the language as we still deciding where to stay for the rest of our lifes. By your experience do you thing that it can be a good idea to go to Stockholm for this short period of time, and have a job and language lessons?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

Andre & Anna

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