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The fatal circle (Stockholm)

Despite the global environment the city of Stockholm has, and although most of the city's residents and staff speak English fluently, the Swedish language is a life necessity if you intend to stability for a long time here.

You might be like me working in a place where English is used to communicate and you may even be in a company that speaks your native language, but what you face in your daily life confirm the Swedish language need if you want to continue living here and if you want to develop yourself, let alone integrating into the society.

But what I found a fatal circle is that when you work full-time, speak English, and spend your time with people who speak English all the time, and study Swedish at the same time, you will not be able to master the language, simply because you will not find an opportunity to practice it.

Even my Swedish friends accustomed to speak English with me, it seems very strange to start talking in Swedish and if that happens the conversation will not exceed five minutes then we will be back to English again.

However, with the existence of the opportunities available by the state that allows expatriates to learn the language free with a wide range of choices, the guilt is something you might expect, as well as to find yourself giving up the idea of language study, at least that's what I feel now 

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