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Working and Living in Sweden (Stockholm)

Hi Everyone!
I'm from Mexico and currently working here. My Goal has always been to move to Europe... London or Sweden are my dreams! I'm looking forward to reach my goal and work and live there and take my family with me. I speak Spanish and English at 100% and currently learning German. I joined this community with the purpose to meet new people and learn new things from you. I'm a very open mind person and always looking for great ideas! I'm interesting in meeting entrepeneurs as I want to become an entrepeneur and build my company in Europe. I'm a very hard working woman and if any of you who are reading this post know anything that you think it could help me to reach my goal please send me a private message and I will be grateful for your help,. Perhaps share with me your stories about how you become entrepeneurs, or how did it take to build your company?
Anything can make a great difference.
I write this because of the reason I said before, I want to work and live in Europe and if you have the chance to know people from those places I think that's a great opportunity you should take... as I always say. Start now! Never let things to the that after!

Thanks for reading my post!

Have a great day!


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