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fraud alert (Strasbourg)


My name is Martin Smith. I am a French citizen of British origin living in Alsace. I think I have been victim of a fraud, and that because of my Anglo-Saxon surname.

On Wednesday I found an Amercian on my doorstep whose story was the following. He had been dropped off in a neighbouring village by someone he knew who was going to work in Germany. He wanted to take some photos there for someone whose ancestors came from that village. The previous night he had transferred a few belongings into a bag that wasn't his and had on leaving the car taken the wrong bag. He now have a bag full of women's things (he then shows you a few things) and no wallet, phone or ID. He said he had found me through people who had looked on the internet in a bar in the first village. I have a holiday appartment and he asked whether I could either put him up until he sorted things out or better take him back to the nearest TGV station. According to him he did have a Eurail pass which was in his other bag, but he would need a bit of cash to get across Paris and pay for a taxi from Lille to Belgium where he was staying. I ended up making him a meal, taking him to Strasbourg station and giving him money to get back. He had no ID but seemed so convincing that I fell for it. He used the name Mark Johnson from Hawaii, who was living in friends' house in Tournai, Belgium.

He was about 60, overweight and had his front teeth missing, according to him in a recent fall which broke a bridge.

Having noticed some discrepancies in his story, like there is no bar in the neighbouring village, I realised too late that I had probably been conned. He did reply from his email address saying that he had transferred the money with a bit extra. There is no sign of the money.

I have a glass carrying his fingerprints which the American Consulatate in Strasbourg told me to keep I have emailed him that information in the hope that that will make him lie low for a while.

I have joined this forum to warn all those with anglo-saxon surnames to beware of that individual, especially in the Alsace area.

Anyone else encountered this individual?

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